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Kid Dynamite – The East Side Kids free movie watch online

Kid Dynamite – The East Side Kids free movie online. Watch Now!

In this wartime 1943 East Side Kids picture, Muggs McGinnis (Leo Gorcey), East Side boxing champion, is scheduled to meet the West Side kingpin in the ring for the City title, but is kidnapped by several thugs just before the bout, resulting in Muggs’ friend and fellow gang member, Danny Lyons (Bobby Jordan) replacing him and defeating the West Sider, only to have Muggs believe that Danny was responsible for the abduction in order to achieve glory. The film is marked by the clever ad libbing skills of the entourage which, while at times intentionally corny, help to propel the story rapidly along and the customary East Side mixture of boxers, gangsters, and patriotic propaganda is leavened with a dash of romance and a funny jitterbug contest featuring big band singer/comedienne Marion Miller, all competently directed by Wallace Fox.