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Freight Line Feud – CISCO KID classic tv westerns episode

Freight Line Feud CISCO KID classic tv westerns episode FREE western movies and television shows This is The Cisco Kid starring Duncan Renaldo and Leo Corrillo episode 22 of season 1 . The original airing date of this series show was January 27 of 1951 .

Cisco and Pancho come upon a wagon driver Klondike, who was just robbed of his wagon and freight. Upon hearing the bad news, Elaine, the hot-headed owner of Western Freighting Co., takes a couple of shots at Bill Jarrett, owner of Jarrett Stage Line, which is soon to open. She thinks Jarrett, to whom she refuses to sell her company, Cisco and Pancho are in cahoots in order to force her out of business. She’s not convinced otherwise, even after Cisco and Pancho find and return her now empty wagon. When Cisco hears of a test run that Jarrett is making the next day, he figures out a way to clear their names and catch the real crooks. Director: Albert Herman
Writers: Elizabeth Beecher (original screenplay), O. Henry (characters)
Stars: Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo, Ellen Hall hosted by Bob Terry.