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The Murango Story

The Murango Story another wonderful episode of The Adventures of Kit Carson .

Brought to you by Wild West Toys website with commentary by Bob Terry . Many of the first television shows were westerns. This is a wonderful western show starring Bill Williams and Don Diamond . The original airing date of this episode was September 8 of 1951 . This is television when television was getting started. Many of the wonderful old tv shows like Kit Carson have fallen into public domain . This is a copy of the show we own in our collection . Kit Carson rides through the west with his sidekick El Toro . Together they battle outlaws and fight for justice. The Kit Carson TV show western was really made mostly with kids as the viewing audience in mind . Keeping that in mind while watching really helps keep the show entertaining. We plan on posting all the episodes we can . Lord willing we will locate the whole series of 103 or there may be 104 episodes. One episode has my friend Don Reynolds in the series and We plan on getting together and watching the episode and doing a bit of commentary on that one also . Thanks for watching . Bob.