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The Golden Tunnel – Shotgun Slade TV series show episode

The Golden TunnelShotgun Slade TV series show episode. Complete show watch free online! Western.

This series was created by western writer Frank Gruber. Detective Shotgun Slade takes various jobs in the west full of danger and suspense. The show stars Scott Brady and has 78 episodes that originally aired from 1959 to 1961. This is episode 32 season 1 original air date was 1960 . Hosted by Bob Terry. ACTION, ADVENTURE, BOB TERRY, COMPLETE, DETECTIVE, DONNA JUANITA, DRAMA, EPISODE, EPISODES, FRANK GRUBER, FREE, FREE ONLINE, FULL LENGTH, ONLINE, SCOTT BRADY, SERIES, SERIES EPISODE, SHOTGUN SLADE, SHOW, SUSPENSE, TELEVISION, TV, TV SHOW, WATCH, WESTERN.