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Cisco Kid – Rustling TV episode online free

Cisco Kid – Rustling TV episode online free. The Cisco Kid . starring Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo . This is episode 3 season 1 . titled Rustling this show originally aired 19 September 1950 . Brought to you to view for free on the internet by Wild West Toys.

Joe Dawson, foreman at a ranch in San Saba, asks his old friend Cisco to come and help them catch a gang of cattle rustlers. When the leader of the gang hears of this, he orders two of his henchmen to kill Joe and blame the murder on Cisco. Cisco and Pancho have to keep away from the sheriff at the same as they are searching for the gang and the missing cattle. Writers: J. Benton Cheney (original screenplay), O. Henry (characters)
Stars: Duncan Renaldo, Leo Carrillo, Christine Larsen, Raymond Hatton, Jonathan Hale hosted by Bob Terry.