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Boomerang – The Cisco Kid TV show episode to watch free online.

Starring Duncan Renaldo in the title role, The Cisco Kid, and Leo Carrillo as the jovial sidekick, Pancho. Hosted by Bob Terry of Westerns On The Web. The program, somewhat similar to The Lone Ranger, aired via syndication from 1950–1956. It was originally filmed in 16 mm Kodachrome, later in 35 mm when the network owned-and-operated stations preferred the higher quality format. Because the 156 episodes were filmed in color, the series was in demand until the 1970s. However, most viewers of the original run saw the program in black-and-white. In 1956, the year the original run ended, only 0.05 percent of U.S. households with a television set had a color set, and 10 years later only 9.7 percent had a color set.