The Three Stooges – Yes, We Have No Bonanza

The Three Stooges – Yes, We Have No Bonanza.

The Stooges are singing waiters in a saloon out West, accompanied by three cowgirls. Unfortunately, saloon keeper Maxey (Dick Curtis) is surly and patronizing to the hard working girls. The girls have little choice, as they are forced to work for him because their father is in debt. The Stooges vow to make enough money to pay off the debt and wed the girls, and decide to go prospecting for gold.
Unknown to the Stooges, however, Maxey has recently robbed a bank and buried the loot. In their digging, the boys managed to discover Maxey’s stash, thinking they are truly in the dough. They return to town, but Maxey gets his hands on the money and flee the saloon. The Stooges, of course, catch up with Maxey, retrieve the loot, and end up giving back to the bank from whence it came, much to their astonishment.