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Night Train to Munich starring Rex Harrison and Margaret Lockwood

Night Train to Munich starring Rex Harrison and Margaret Lockwood.

As German forces invade Prague in March 1939, Axel Bomasch (James Harcourt), a Czech scientist working on a new process for armour-plating, is able to escape with Allied support and is flown to England. Bomasch’s daughter, Anna (Margaret Lockwood), is arrested and sent to a concentration camp, where she is interrogated by the Nazis who are looking for her father. Anna refuses to coorperate. Soon she is befriended by a fellow Czech prisoner named Karl Marsen (Paul Henreid), who says he is a teacher imprisoned for his political views. Together they are able to escape and make their way to London. Anna does not know that Marsen is in fact a Gestapo agent working for the Nazis—assigned to gain Anna’s trust and follow her to England to locate her father. Beautiful Margaret Lockwood can’t seem to get the hang of steering clear of trouble aboard a foreign train. Poor girl. Alexander Korda’s brilliant story of intrigue was made in the opening days of the Second World War and it tackles the subject of Nazi tyranny unblinkingly and with brave insights into their heavy-handed brand of influence during the British empire’s darkest hour. Rex Harrison dashes to the aid of Lockwood after her inventor father is conscripted by the Germans in his native Czechoslovakia for the purpose of weaponry development. Paul Henreid is an agent whose allegiance puts him at cross-purposes with Harrison. A dandy thriller made at a time when the UK and Europe had to keep the stiffest upper lip in the face of almost certain defeat and capitulation against the Third Reich.