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The Gracie Allen Murder Case – Complete Full Length Comedy Movie

The Gracie Allen Murder Case – Complete Full Length Comedy Movie.

One-of-a-kind film starring Gracie without George, this movie was based on a Philo Vance novel by S.S. Van Dyne that featured Gracie’s character in its plot. Although George was also included as a character in the novel, he stayed behind the scenes for the movie. In most of their previous film appearances, Burns and Allen were merely comedy relief to whatever the main plot was. Here, however, Gracie is the driving force behind the plot for the entire film. This is quite a funny, well done spoof of formula B movie mysteries of the era, heads and shoulders above most of the work George and Gracie did in Hollywood films. The video is on the fuzzy side, but as usual, the best I could do with the source material. This is an all-too obscure item in the Burns and Allen catalog, well worth watching for fans who have probably never heard Gracie given dialogue this good in any other film!
Also starring Warren Williams as Philo Vance, William Demarest as an exasperated police sergeant, and Donald MacBride as the District Attorney.
Very high class cast for a B-Movie, with Warren William reprising his Philo Vance character. Also the famous vaudeville team of Shaw & Lee they made movies besides their Vitaphone short “The Beau Brummels”. Another reason to watch the film is to see them.