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She – Adventure Movie starring Helen Gahagan and Randolph Scott

She – Adventure Movie starring Helen Gahagan and Randolph Scott.

Leo Vincey is called from America to the family ancestral estate in England where his dying uncle John Vincey and Horace Holly convince him that their ancestor also named John Vincey found the fountain of youth 500 years ago.
Following the route outlined in an old diary, Leo and Holly travel through frozen wastes, as a guide named Tugmore and his daughter, Tanya join them on their quest. They stumble upon the ancient city of Kor, where they are attacked by cannibals but are saved by She Who Must Be Obeyed and her Minister Billali.
Merian Cooper was a man’s man’s man, a former WWI flier. intrepid adventurer and ultimately, a filmmaker who teamed with Ernest Schoedsack to bring us King Kong and The Most Dangerous Game. This film received the same meticulous treatment at Cooper’s studio RKO and it shows. The story follows Randolph Scott’s character to the nether reaches of the Arctic where he discovers the truth to eternal life. Beautiful to look at! It’s still a treasure to behold. She was considered a lost film for many years until an original print, stored in silent film star Buster Keaton’s garage, was turned over to film distributor Raymond Rohauer for preservation. She originally had a running time of 102 minutes, but on its 1949 re-release, was edited down to 94 minutes, to better fit on a double bill with Cooper’s The Last Days of Pompeii. The 8 minutes of missing scenes, taken from a slightly lower quality 16mm print, were finally reinstated in 2007 by Kino Video. In 2006, Legend Films and Ray Harryhausen colorized the film as a tribute to Cooper. The colorized trailer for She premiered at the 2006 Comic-Con.

Helen Gahagan
Randolph Scott
Helen Mack
Nigel Bruce
Gustav von Seyffertitz