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The Three Stooges were an American vaudeville and comedy act of the mid–20th century best known for their numerous Columbia short subject films, still syndicated on television. Their hallmark was physical farce and slapstick.
Moe Howard
Shemp Howard
Larry Fine
Curly Howard
Joe Besser
Joe “Curly Joe” DeRita

The Three Stooges – A Gem Of A Jam

The Three Stooges – A Gem Of A Jam. The Stooges are janitors in a doctor’s office working the night shift. Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Dudley Dickerson, Al Hill, Fred Kelsey, John Tyrrell, Frank O’Connor, Al Thompson. Crooks bring their hurt leader up to the Stooges thinking the doctor’s office is open for …

The Three Stooges – Goofs And Saddles

The Three Stooges – Goofs And Saddles. Set in the Old West the Three Stooges are scouts for the United States Cavalry. They are sent by General Muster to catch a gang of cattle rustlers, so they hide as bushes to try to find the gang’s leader Longhorn Pete. The rustlers are befuddled by the …

The Three Stooges – Saved By The Belle

The Three Stooges – Saved By The Belle. The stooges are traveling salesmen stranded in Valeska, a tropical country prone to earthquakes. Having no luck selling fur coats to the natives they are arrested when they receive a telegram instructing them to “get rid of present wardrobe” and an official thinks they are planning to …

The Three Stooges – Shivering Sherlocks

The Three Stooges – Shivering Sherlocks. The Stooges are mistaken for three armored car thieves. Captain Mullins (Vernon Dent) gives the boys a lie detector test, but finds no reason to hold them. The Stooges and Captain Mullins lie the lie detector test. He releases them, under protective custody, to Gladys Harmon (Christine McIntyre), owner …

The Three Stooges – The Three Troubledoers

The Three Stooges – The Three Troubledoers. The Stooges are cowboys who come upon the town of Dead Man’s Gulch, which is being terrorized by Badlands Blackie (Dick Curtis) and his gang. Blackie threatens to kill the town blacksmith unless his daughter Nell (Christine McIntyre) agrees to marry him. After an impromptu battle with Blackie …

The Three Stooges – Three Little Pirates

The Three Stooges – Three Little Pirates. The year is 1672, and the Stooges are garbage scow sailors stranded on Dead Man’s Island. At first, the governor (Vernon Dent) finds it hard to believe that the trio are actually sailors due to their modern uniforms, but changes his mind once Curly starts flirting (“Hiya, babe!”) …

The Three Stooges – Yes, We Have No Bonanza

The Three Stooges – Yes, We Have No Bonanza. The Stooges are singing waiters in a saloon out West, accompanied by three cowgirls. Unfortunately, saloon keeper Maxey (Dick Curtis) is surly and patronizing to the hard working girls. The girls have little choice, as they are forced to work for him because their father is …

The Three Stooges Dizzy Detectives

The Three Stooges Dizzy Detectives. After an attempt at installing a door with mishaps galore, the boys are recruited by the police chief to be police officers. The head of the citizen’s league, Mr. Dill (John Tyrrell), warns the police commissioner that he must capture the ape man that is terrorizing the city, or he …

The Three Stooges Monkey Businessmen

The Three Stooges Monkey Businessmen. The Stooges are inept electricians who manage to electrocute themselves as well as their boss, “Smilin’” Sam McGann (Fred Kelsey). After predictably getting fired from their job, Curly suggests that the boys take “a nice, long rest.” They spot an ad for Mallard’s Rest Home, and embark on their trip.

The Three Stooges Phony Express

The Three Stooges Phony Express. 75th short subject starring American slapstick comedy team the Three Stooges. The sheriff of Peaceful Gulch places a picture of the Stooges in the paper, claiming they are famous marshalls coming to rid the little town of its criminals. Despite this, the boys are almost chased out of the town …