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Count Five and Die starring Jeffery Hunter

Count Five and Die starring Jeffery Hunter.

Captain Bill Ranson (Jeffrey Hunter) and Major Julien Howard (Nigel Patrick) are two allied intelligence officers posing as documentary film makers in the occupied Low Countries. Their concerns centre on the credentials of Rolande Hertog (Annemarie Düringer), a new recruit to the intelligence service recently arrived from Holland.
Starring –
Jeffrey Hunter … Captain Bill Ranson
Nigel Patrick … Major Julien Howard
Annemarie Düringer … Rolande Hertog
David Kossoff … Dr. Mulder
Rolf Lefebvre … Hans Faber, chief spy
Larry Burns… Martins, building porter-spy
Anthony Ostrer
Claude Kingston … Willem Mulder
Philip Ray
Robert Raglan … Lt. Miller
Peter Prouse … Sgt. Bill Parrish
Philip Bond … Piet van Wijt
Otto Diamant … Mr. Hendrijk
Marianne Walla … Mrs. Hendrijk
Beth Rogan … Mary Ann Lennig