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Phone Call From A Stranger starring Bette Davis

Phone Call From A Stranger starring Bette Davis.

After his wife Jane (Helen Westcott) admits to an extramarital affair, Iowa attorney David Trask abandons her and their daughters and heads for Los Angeles. Engrossing narrative of Merrill, survivor of a plane crash, visiting families of various victims.
Gary Merrill as David Trask
Shelley Winters as Binky Gay
Michael Rennie as Dr. Robert Fortness
Keenan Wynn as Eddie Hoke
Evelyn Varden as Sallie Carr
Warren Stevens as Marty Nelson
Beatrice Straight as Claire Fortness
Ted Donaldson as Jerry Fortness
Craig Stevens as Mike Carr
Bette Davis as Marie Hoke
Helen Westcott as Jane Trask