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Charlie Chan Detective Movies

Charlie Chan Detective Movies. Starring Roland Winters and Wonda McKay.

Charlie Chan – The Golden Eye

Charlie Chan – The Golden Eye(1948):Starring Roland Winters and Wonda McKay

Charlie Chan and the Scarlet Clue

Charlie Chan and the Scarlet Clue (1945) Starring Sydney Toler

Charlie Chan and the Shanghai Cobra

Charlie Chan and the Shanghai Cobra – Sidney Toler – 1945

Charlie Chan at The Olympics

Charlie Chan at The Olympics(1936):Starring Warner Oland Charlie Chan and his son face a problem when they are both threatened wit murder.

Charlie Chan At The Race Track

Charlie Chan At The Race Track(1936):Starring Warner Oland And Keye Luke Charlie Chan Must Solve the Murder of his Friend And Also Locate A Ring of Crooks who are rigging horse Races.

Charlie Chan Dangerous Money

Dangerous Money(1946):Featuring Sidney Tolar as Charlie Chan On Board an freight Liner A man Confides in Charlie Chan Informing him that there have been two threats on his life.

Charlie Chan Dark alibi

Dark alibi(1946):Starring Sydney Tolar Charlie Chan must prove a mans innocence who is sentenced to death row in nine days.

Charlie Chan in London

Charlie Chan in London(1934):Starring Warner Oland and Ray Milland

Charlie Chan The Chinese ring

The Chinese ring (Charlie Chan) Charlie Chan is Back And investigates the Murder of a Chinese Princess who was On a trip to America.

Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise

Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise – Sidney Toler – 1940

Charlie Chan’s Secret

Charlie Chan’s Secret – Warner Oland