Here come the Westerns! Over the next week and more Movies Web Tv will be adding tons of Western TV episodes Thanks to Bob Terry and Westerns On The Web. These Classic Television Western series shows were the staple of entertainment when TV first started. The Tv western lost its hold on television in the late 1960s. The reason for this was not because westerns were not popular any more but rather because they were more expensive to make than a show about 5 people in an apartment. These Classic western series show episodes are still as entertaining today as they were when they were first released. The stunts, riding, action, stories and adventure are all very amazing, captivating and very well done. ENJOY!

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  1. Bob Terry at Westerns On The Web has done an excellent job of bringing back the best, and sometimes the so-bad-they’re-funny westerns. he has kept alive the tradition of good-natured hoo-rah-ing and joshing that made the genre so comfortable. So here’s a salute to a man who reminds us that The Cowboys are more than just a mediocre football team.

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